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The Most Excellent Way is the written testimony of how God intervened into Mickey's life.  At 37 years old, God did an amazing thing in the life of a man who the world, and his own self would say was worthless and beyond redemption.  This is an ideal gift to inspire a struggling believer, one who feels unworthy of God's love and salvation, or the person struggling with a decision to accept God's amazing love.

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The Coffee in the Garden series is based on the 12 Minutes With Mickey daily Bible teaching podcast.  Each book in this series is jam-packed with 30 days of thought provoking, Bible-unpacking, powerful, life-application, teachings.


Reflections on Intercession will walk you through Mickey's own powerful experiences in formal intercession.  Although it is not a guide to Intercession, it is a powerful tool to explode your own prayer and intercession life.  Gain a deeper understanding of Gospel truths in your life.  Apply Mickey's experiences to your own life and watch God do amazing things!

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These five books are stuffed with Christ-like character building teachings.  Each one carries you into a more mature Christian walk.  Watch your spiritual growth explode, allowing people to see Jesus more clearly in you as you apply the teachings of these books in your own life.


Hello, My Name is Holmes is written as an early readers book.  A fun book to teach your child important values in life and reading comprehension skills by associating the life of Holmes the monkey and their own life.

The multi-book series of adventurer Johnny McGinnis, folows the Christian mission adventures of our hero as he spreads the Gospel message.  Written to inspire young adult readers to reach for the impossible with God.  They will be captivated by our heros adventures.  Most are based on real-life Christian missionary adventures!


This contriversial book came about as Mickey realised that two important ideals were colliding in his life.  As a feriece patriot of the American Constitution and a zealous Christ-follower, he soon realized he had to explore if the two can co-exist.  This thought provoking book will force an American patriotic Christian to assess where they are at and make some serious choices in their life. 

             The American Patriot & Christianity

                   The Collision of Two Ideals


Follow the long journey in the beginnings of The Africa Vision.  Given as a promise from God, Mickey learned the hard way that sometimes the fulfillment of God's promise can be a long journey.  However, a long journey filled with adventure, miracles, and amzing things.  Written to encourage every believer to press onward in the promises of God and not grow weary.

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The Body Traveler is a short-story style science fiction book with a twist at the end.  The suprise ending presents the Gospel message and addresses some false beliefs in the concept of eternity, life, and reincarnation.  An ideal gift for the sience fiction buff.  Believer or non-believer both will enjoy this far-flung adventure!