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Mickey Wilcox

Today, Mickey Wilcox is a Missionary, Biblical Teacher, and Writer. Traveling through at least a dozen different countries sharing the gospel of Jesus’ love; Mickey has been able to experience first-hand the hardships of a missionary’s life. From a radical introduction to the hope found in Jesus as witnessed in his first book The Most Excellent Way, through the lessons learned that he shares in his book Reflections on Intercession, Mickey has been up-close to witness God’s miraculous power. Mickey Wilcox served in the local National Guard before serving in the United States Marine Corps. Years of search and rescue, a season as a wild-fire fighter, years of motorcycles and time in the underbelly of Americana, Mickey has got to meet people from all walks of life both here and abroad. Drawing from life lessons forged in his diverse background Mickey is able to inspire others to make good choices in life and live it to its fullest. Running full speed ahead for Jesus, Mickey is constantly striving to improve his ability to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ. 

     Ordained in 2007, Mickey has helped plant and establish several ministries and churches.  For several years he has been a co-host on the airwaves on the "Hour of Power"; he has provided biblical teachings through his video series "12 Minutes With Mickey".  Author of many Christian growth oriented books, produced several documentaries, worked in jail ministries, and continues to strive to be God's servant.