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I want to help support the work of God's Blueprints Ministry

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     In June of 2020 God opened the door to launch a new ministry in rural Appalachia of North-East Tennessee to address some needs that have long been neglected.  Addressing several areas including Addiction recovery & accountability, domestic abuse recovery, homeless restoration, and elderly/handicap accessibility home modifications.  While it may sound like a hodgepodge of needs being met, they are all related in rural America. 

     Working in one of America's highest drug capital regions, with rampant poverty, and surging homelessness, there are many challenges for people to face.  In fact, Tennessee is shamefully leading the nation in top grouping of states who have the highest incarceration rates, highest per-capita felony convictions, little or no felon reintegration programs, and a plethora of other obstacles for people.  To compound these problems, the homeless population in rural America is decentralized, unlike the urban areas where the homeless tend to congregate in a more visible setting.

God's Blueprints provides showers, bi-weekly meals, career/job coaching, life-skills development, & one on one pastoral care time. We also provide long-term rehabilitation referrals and housing assistance.  

     On Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 6:30pm we facilitate substance abuse recovery group meetings. Wednesday evening is our Domestic Abuse group recovery meeting, Monday and Friday evenings at 6:30pm we have a meal and share the Gospel message.  Click the link above to go to God's Blueprints website and learn more!