Africa-2 Weeks at a Time (The Birth of the Africa Vision), is a record of how God invited the author to be a part of what He is doing in the continent of Africa. This book becomes relevant in the lives of all Christians because God has an invitation open to each of us. He is a craftsmen and He is offering each of us a place by His side in the crafting of His kingdom here on Earth. A vision in the life of the believers in Christ is an opportunity for us to see God work through us and with us. It not only changes who we are, but it brings hope to all kinds of people everywhere. There is so much more to the life of Christ follower than just preaching and/or going to church. You get to live life and love people. Everywhere you set your foot can be transformed into a place of beauty and joy. As you follow along with the author in his journey with the master craftsmen, you will grow in your faith and be encouraged to reach out and accept the invitation that God has for you. You are never too young to see your life explode into a rainbow of joyous adventure, nor are you too old to be a world changer and kingdom builder. The author himself is evidence that if you set your eyes on Jesus and take the courage to place your hand in His and set one foot in front of the other; then there is nothing you have done in your past that will thwart what God desires for you.

Africa - 2 Weeks at a Time

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