This book was written to capture people’s imagination and incite within them a desire to seize the adventures in the world that are there for the taking. Life is meant to live, we have a world to explore, and billions of people to get to know and create life-long friendships with. I think there are few things sadder than a man or woman that has grown old and reflects back on their life and realizes that they let it pass them by, never to have that time again.
God gave us a wonderful opportunity, but it is only for those who are willing to grab ahold of it. There is greatness in each of us. We are made that way. All you have to do is put your hand in the hand of God and walk with Him to that greatness. On that path you will find your destiny and your greatness. The world will be a greater place because you walked that path. Your children and grandchildren will have someone that they will look to and follow into greatness themselves.
Although I write this with my son’s age group in mind, that being pre-teen and teen, I believe it to be a book that can inspire and encourage everyone. It is never too late to step into the greatness of your destiny.
Every adventure that our character finds himself in is based on a real life adventure. The circumstances and people are different, and our main character is fictitious. However, the adventures are from people I know, or have read about, or are from my own life.
May God bless you as you read this and may something in your soul be stirred to inspire you to reach for the greatness God has for you.

Escape From the Dark Prince

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