Footsteps to Kingdom Release was written to help carry Christians to that next level of Christendom. The world we walk in is a difficult one. We are pummeled with temptations and compromise. Through technology, the world has become a much smaller place. While it has opened many avenues of increase in kingdom building, it has also made it harder for us to walk with a kingdom perspective. Footsteps to Kingdom Release carries the Christian believer to challenging depths of faith. It helps the follower of Jesus to refocus on a kingdom perspective and remember why we are here. For the new believer and the old, Footsteps to Kingdom Release will become a valuable resource that you will want to keep on your bookshelf to refer back to time and time again. Your faith will be challenged and your motivations questioned. By applying the principles you find in this book to your Christian walk, you will see the Kingdom of God released in your life. 
Be Blessed and Be the Blessing!

Footsteps To Kingdom Release

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