The Sermon on the Mount is a revelation of what the expectations of our Savior are for those who choose to follow Him. Upon in-depth study of this detailed teaching, we can find the path to a Christ-like transformed walk. I wrote this in a devotional style study of the Sermon on the Mount. In this way we can chew on small “bite-sized” nuggets of God's truth and digest them so that they become more then knowledge. They can define and shape us into the image of Christ. As you read this devotional, you will find that I end each days reading with a blank page simply headed “Thoughts”. It is always helpful to ourselves to jot down thoughts and even questions as they come to us. In this way, we can grow by leaps and bounds. It is my prayer; that as you read this, day to day, that you not only retain the information, but that you implement it on a daily basis into your life. Furthermore, it is my prayer that you blossom into the beautiful person God knows you to be already!

Releasing The Christ Character

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