The United States of America as we know it is changing. The thinking from our government leaders all the way down to the education of our children. We are on the fast-track to a globalized government and all that entails. The rights of the people in America are being traded in to satisfy the global mindset. The patriotic American is being renamed a terrorist, Christianity is being marginalized, Islam is being force-fed to the people, and an army is being raised outside of the bounds of our Constitutional Republic. The threat is becoming more clear every day for the dissolution of our historic form of governance. The true patriot of America is being forced to a place of humiliating surrender or armed insurrection. This opens the consideration for the biblical correct place of Christianity and American Patriotism. This short book exams that question. Do we need to change the way we think? Should we surrender? Do we stand and fight, even if it means armed insurrection? Although this book is brief, it accurately answers these questions.

The American Patriot & Christianity