Having traveled to more than a dozen countries as a Christian missionary, I have got to see the face of desperation, hunger, and poverty. Living for most of my life before that in rebellion against a God who loves me, gave me insight and experience into the many faces of violence, hate, and prejudice. Drugs, motorcycles, jails, and prisons were a way of life for me until Jesus intervened and revealed to me a life of joy and blessings. 
Boy Scouts of America, a good family, and later search and rescue. I have served proudly in the United States Marine Corps. I love adventure and people. Sailing is my passion outside of Jesus. I live rough compared to most Americans, but that combined with my life experiences and past have worked together to give me an ability to travel to sometimes less-than-friendly areas and enjoy the life God has given me. 
I speak and teach all over the world on the hope Jesus has brought us and what it means to truly be a follower and lover of the King.

For a heart-moving understanding of how God intervened in my life, check out my testimony!

Mickey Wilcox


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     Mickey was ordained in 2008 as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through Hard Core Disciples Motorcycle Ministries - Biker Church.  Mickey has labored for the kingdom of God since receiving Jesus as his savior in 2004.  Traveling to more than a dozen countries to spread the gospel and authoring more than 15 Christian growth books, Mickey has also produced mission documentaries, taught at pastor training conferences and mission conferences.  Having served in full-time ministry for over 15 years, Mickey has been blessed to live and breathe the Gospel  message.  Mickey has hundreds of online Bible teaching videos through his decade old "12 Minutes With Mickey" Bible teaching series, and can now be found on podcast and is listened to in 22 different countries.

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Mickey leads God's Blueprints weekly Bible Study & Fellowship which is a non-denominational service.  You do not need to belong to a church, be a Christian, or even own a Bible.  We have a bible for you!  The only thing we ask is that you come wanting to learn the Word of God and it's application into your everyday life.  God LOVES YOU, His son died on a cross so that you can be restored to your creator.  Come be a part of the greatest experience of your life!  For additional questions, please

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