Mickey Wilcox

Having traveled to more than a dozen countries as a Christian missionary, I have got to see the face of desperation, hunger, and poverty. Living for most of my life before that in rebellion against a God who loves me, gave me insight and experience into the many faces of violence, hate, and prejudice. Drugs, motorcycles, jails, and prisons were a way of life for me until Jesus intervened and revealed to me a life of joy and blessings. 
Boy Scouts of America, a good family, and later search and rescue. I have served proudly in the United States Marine Corps. I love adventure and people. Sailing is my passion outside of Jesus. I live rough compared to most Americans, but that combined with my life experiences and past have worked together to give me an ability to travel to sometimes less-than-friendly areas and enjoy the life God has given me. 
I speak and teach all over the world on the hope Jesus has brought us and what it means to truly be a follower and lover of the King.

For a heart-moving understanding of how God intervened in my life, check out my testimony!