Friends of the Ministry

On this page you can find ministries that Mickey Wilcox endorses as kingdom focused ministries.  These are ministries in which he has helped establish or has worked closely with, and has seen the fruit of their labor.

Hard Core Disciples Biker Church


Jesus was a lot like you and me. The government didn't like Him.
Traditional church thought he was weird. His friends were few. What friends He had denied Him. He hung around people like you and I, not the goody-two shoes-holier-than-thou church members who tend to forget what Jesus Christ died for. Yes, if Jesus were on earth in the flesh today, He would be a biker telling you He loved you enough to die for you. I'll see you on the ride you've always wanted. 
-Preacher Ray
At the Biker Church we want to show our love to others because of what Christ has done for us. 
We embrace that Jesus was not a respecter of persons regardless of sex, race, creed, or national origin. But He came to save us all! This means YOU!

The Bridge Church

The Bridge is a place where all people are accepted, loved & treated like family.

The dress is casual and the worship is contemporary. The messages you hear will be

solid truth from God's Word and will challenge you to grow in your faith. Making disciples

is what the church is all about...that's what we intend to do.

Our vision for all people is to help them to "Love God, Love People, Serve the Whole World."

Our Pastor is Bobby Joe Hancock.


SUNDAY: 10am - Worship Service

WEDNESDAY: 6pm - BridgeKids Children Ministry (meets at church building)

6pm - The Bridge Student Ministry

Contact Bobby Joe Hancock at 423-358-0310


ARISE fm - Tanzania

arise fm.jpg

ARISE fm is a ministry outreach of Pastor Nathanael Kapela in Tanzania.  Based in Morogoro, it reaches more than one million listeners.  Bringing the Gospel message to a predominant Muslim population.  Pastor Kapela has hosted missionaries, been a keynote speaker at several pastor training conferences, has a school of ministry, and is a leading intercessor in the African country of Tanzania.

You can support this great work with a designated donation through Mickey Wilcox. Keep in mind that your donation is not tax deductible. Please make a note on your secure paypal / credit card transaction page that your donation is for ARISE fm and the donation will go to Pastor Kapela for his work.

God's Blueprints

     In mid-2020 Tammy Helton & Mickey Wilcox found themselves in a position to launch God's Blueprints, a ministry committed to utilizing God's plan to see people restored.

     They met when working at a ministry organization some 14 years previous.  There they discovered that they had a similar heart for homeless and people trapped in addiction.  They both came from different backgrounds, but had a shared heart for people.  They each have spent the last decade and a half helping in any way they were able to see people restored.  As God provided, they each reached into their own pocket and called anyone they could think of to pay the expenses of placing people into long-term faith-based rehab facilities.  Having worked in the past with organizations such as U-Turn for Christ, Teen Challenge, Life Changers, and many more, they have been able to see countless addicts get clean and begin their path to a productive life.

     Knowing that true restoration only happens through Jesus, The Gospel has always been at the forefront of their individual ministry efforts.  Today, through God's Blueprints, they are able to formalize that partnership and continue to demonstrate God's non-judgmental love by helping those whose lives appear to be hopeless.

     Meeting the needs of the disabled through accessibility construction, the addict and oppressed through recovery placement, and helping the homeless & battered by navigating their difficulties with them; God's Blueprints is able to connect volunteers with those in need so that God's love is made manifest in peoples lives.


Lighthouse Fellowship Christian Ministries

Pastor Donnie & Lisa Pullem

The Extension of God's purpose and plan for those that belong to Him. Establishing God's will. Breaking through the darkness into His marvelous Light.

2865 Mountain Ranch dr., Dandridge, TN

Contact: (865) 705-8690

pastor donnie.jpg